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Transfer; Norway – Sierra Leone.


Thank you to everyone who donated.
All the money goes directly to our contact in Sierra Leone , and is only(!) used to help the sick children with Cholera.
Every penny goes into the right hands, and every penny helps.
VHS transfers the money via Western union bank, the money will reach Sierra Leone immediately, so that our contact can get them right away. The money it costs to transfer it, was out of our own pockets, and not the donated money.
In two days people donated 9200 NOK (1656 USD) to Sierra Leone, to the sick children.

Updates on the cholera outbreak.


Yesterday i posted a blog about one of “our” orphanages in Sierra Leone, where there has been an outbreak of Cholera. We had a lot of people donate, our goal is 12 000 NOK (  2160 USD), and we’ve already managed to get in 6 000 NOK ( 1080 USD), thanks to all the goodhearted people out there! We love you!

There is 47 children in need of urgent medical attention, as we speak. Medicine and gear is very expensive, worldwide; especially in countries where the health care system is nonexisting.
Per date in Sierra Leone, medicines cost’s about  265 NOK ( 47 USD) for one child; that means everything included, and when the child recovers, they will be vaccinated.
So, for 265 NOK  you can save a life.  A vaccine against Cholera lasts for 2 years.

100 % of the money VSH get in, goes straight to the children, we take nothing in administration, so every penny you donate; goes to the children.

We will keep everyone updated, how the situation is and what has to be done next.

This is what we do!


I thought i’d tell you a little more about our organization.

We constantly get new contacts in new countries, and with the help of our coresponders ,we try to maintain the relationships we have with several countries, orphanages etc. It’s hard work trying to find contacts in new countries, mainly because ” Varme små hjerter” priorities helping charity hospital, orphanages and friendly souls.
Our concept is helping those who are not seen or heard, this is time consuming. We meet a lot of challenges,  and we often get problems that leads us to not be able to help those who need it the most. But thankfully these problems are on their way, and we are able to help a lot of children.

We have to think about a lot of things, before we send our packages with clothes and gear. First off, we need to be a 100 % sure that what we send can actually benefit the children. We hear a lot of heart breaking stories, and every day we learn something new about corruption, rules , and the difficulties the children meet, every day.

Thi is some of the countries we help:


Sierra Leone

East Europe

St. Petersburg

Mid- east




South and middle America


Right now, one of our orphanages in Sierra Leone is up agains Cholera, and we are desperatly trying to help them!

Voulenteering for a Norwegian organization.


I recently heard about an organization called ‘ Varme Små hjerter‘ , translated to English, that would be something like ; Little warm hearts .

It’s an organization who volunteers to send babyclothes, children clothes and gear to orphanages all over the world.
I’m now a contact person for this oganization, and i can’t wait to send my first package to an orphanage.
This is really awesome, a bunch of girls with a good heart, trying to help the best way they know how.
It feels good helping, you’re left with a feeling that is hard to describe. When you hear about children not having clothes, money or food ; don’t you want to help?`Don’t you wish you could do something? I do, and now i finally can!
We are collecting clothes that people wants to donate, or don’t need anymore, and we ship it off.

In three months, the organization helped over 19 000 babies and kids in all ages, and we want to help more!
the only backside is that it’ really expensive for us to ship off the packages, both inside and outside Europe.
We recently set up a donate account, and we hope people will help us by donating, even if it’s a small amount, people who do are helping us make a difference.

Your donations saves lifes.

                                                   (^ this picture is in no way connected to our organization, it is borrowed from google)

Do you voulenteer? if not, why?