Transfer; Norway – Sierra Leone.


Thank you to everyone who donated.
All the money goes directly to our contact in Sierra Leone , and is only(!) used to help the sick children with Cholera.
Every penny goes into the right hands, and every penny helps.
VHS transfers the money via Western union bank, the money will reach Sierra Leone immediately, so that our contact can get them right away. The money it costs to transfer it, was out of our own pockets, and not the donated money.
In two days people donated 9200 NOK (1656 USD) to Sierra Leone, to the sick children.


Updates on the cholera outbreak.


Yesterday i posted a blog about one of “our” orphanages in Sierra Leone, where there has been an outbreak of Cholera. We had a lot of people donate, our goal is 12 000 NOK (  2160 USD), and we’ve already managed to get in 6 000 NOK ( 1080 USD), thanks to all the goodhearted people out there! We love you!

There is 47 children in need of urgent medical attention, as we speak. Medicine and gear is very expensive, worldwide; especially in countries where the health care system is nonexisting.
Per date in Sierra Leone, medicines cost’s about  265 NOK ( 47 USD) for one child; that means everything included, and when the child recovers, they will be vaccinated.
So, for 265 NOK  you can save a life.  A vaccine against Cholera lasts for 2 years.

100 % of the money VSH get in, goes straight to the children, we take nothing in administration, so every penny you donate; goes to the children.

We will keep everyone updated, how the situation is and what has to be done next.

“.. these children needs urgent medical attention”


A sad email waited for our organization founder today. It was an email from our contact person, working with one of the orphanages we help in Sierra Leone. For safety reasons, we need to blank out the names of our contacts, so we’ll just call him “Ibrahim”.

Here is a piece of what he wrote us, in the emails:

“Beloved sister Tina, the out break of cholera has loom the home and these children
needs urgent medical attention and we need you urgently to help us
with your support to save the lives of these children. Please consider
a way to help these dying souls. They are laying down helplessly.

The situation is really confusing. They are 47 in number.
The smallest is 1 years old and the biggest are 5 years old. The
situation is confusing and i just dont know what to do. We need food, clean water, support to take care of medical bills. The condition is really terrible. The children are vomiting and are extremly dehydrated.
I feel terrible, and I´m sorry for asking you. But I dont know what do to.
Please pray for these children, we need help so much. The youngest is a girl by the name Lara, she has no birth date but we believe she is about 1 years old. She used to be playing but now she lay helplessly and vomiting. She has wrinkle skin and we need help. I´m desperate, I´m sorry for putting this on you.

We had to read this several times, and we did not know what to do, or think. … What on earth do you say to something like that?  This is a concact we’ve had for a while, and he is fully aware that our organization doen’t have the resources to help with money. But who else can they turn to for help? There is no help to be found in Sierra Leone, and often only the rich people get help. They get no support from the state, they live off of what the locals can contribute with.
Cholera is an infection of the small intestine , wich in short time gives watery diarrhea. If this goes untreated, the loss of body fluid can turn into death within 24 hours of the outbreak. The treatment can be so easy as clean water.

This orphanage had support earlier, also from other organizations, but that suddenly came to an end. What can you do, when the support ends? In Sierra Leone it’s a very high number of street kids. VSH ( our organization) managed to get a hold of ” Ibrahim” and his kids after the support from other organizations stopped. VSH sends them clothes, shoes, pillows , duvets, things for school, toys and other things.

Our founder debated a long time over what she was going to answer “Ibrahim”. But she knew , and we all knew, with certainty that we couldn’t just drop this. We couldn’t answer him that we couldn’t help him, or the children. Here we are, safe in Norway, just ate our dinner, played with our kids, full stomach and healthy bodies. It HAS to be something we can do?
We have the best team, and it wasn’t long until we made a decision. We set up donate account, where people could donate, even the smallest amounts helps, we had to take control, we had to do something.
And that is how VSH first donate account came to be.

If you feel like you want to help these children in sierra leone, you can donate some money to this account:  4266.15.37196. We are also on facebook, if you want to read more before you get involved.  Here is the link.


This is what we do!


I thought i’d tell you a little more about our organization.

We constantly get new contacts in new countries, and with the help of our coresponders ,we try to maintain the relationships we have with several countries, orphanages etc. It’s hard work trying to find contacts in new countries, mainly because ” Varme små hjerter” priorities helping charity hospital, orphanages and friendly souls.
Our concept is helping those who are not seen or heard, this is time consuming. We meet a lot of challenges,  and we often get problems that leads us to not be able to help those who need it the most. But thankfully these problems are on their way, and we are able to help a lot of children.

We have to think about a lot of things, before we send our packages with clothes and gear. First off, we need to be a 100 % sure that what we send can actually benefit the children. We hear a lot of heart breaking stories, and every day we learn something new about corruption, rules , and the difficulties the children meet, every day.

Thi is some of the countries we help:


Sierra Leone

East Europe

St. Petersburg

Mid- east




South and middle America


Right now, one of our orphanages in Sierra Leone is up agains Cholera, and we are desperatly trying to help them!

Voulenteering for a Norwegian organization.


I recently heard about an organization called ‘ Varme Små hjerter‘ , translated to English, that would be something like ; Little warm hearts .

It’s an organization who volunteers to send babyclothes, children clothes and gear to orphanages all over the world.
I’m now a contact person for this oganization, and i can’t wait to send my first package to an orphanage.
This is really awesome, a bunch of girls with a good heart, trying to help the best way they know how.
It feels good helping, you’re left with a feeling that is hard to describe. When you hear about children not having clothes, money or food ; don’t you want to help?`Don’t you wish you could do something? I do, and now i finally can!
We are collecting clothes that people wants to donate, or don’t need anymore, and we ship it off.

In three months, the organization helped over 19 000 babies and kids in all ages, and we want to help more!
the only backside is that it’ really expensive for us to ship off the packages, both inside and outside Europe.
We recently set up a donate account, and we hope people will help us by donating, even if it’s a small amount, people who do are helping us make a difference.

Your donations saves lifes.

                                                   (^ this picture is in no way connected to our organization, it is borrowed from google)

Do you voulenteer? if not, why?

Noah loves to ride horses!


Horses has always been a big part of my life. I Love being around them, they are great company! I’ve trained horses since i was around 9 years old. I’ve trained dressage horses, racehorses, western – you name it i’ve done it.
And my son loves to ride too, and i think it’s great! Here is a picture and a movie of my son on a pony called ‘ Pernille ‘!

9/11 – my thoughts go out to all of you!


So today is the day. My thoughts go out to all of you who were affected by the horrible things that happened in New York 10 years ago. To all of you who lost a friend, a family member, a daughter or a son. To all of you who witnessed it. 10 years ago i was 10 years old, and i remember watching it on TV – my parents told me i wasn’t allowed, but i did anyways. And the image of the twin towers collapsing is burnt into my mind.
Norway recently experienced something similar, a bomb went off in Oslo and it was a massacre on Utoya, alot of people died 22 July 2011. I never ever in a million years thought something like that would happen in Norway, who would want to kill innocent children? I remember watching it on TV, me and my sister stayed up all night just to get the latest news, and we were going to London the next days. the airport was a chaos. There was policemen everywhere to double check everybodys passports. And when we came to London there was armed policemen there, that kinda freaked me out .

is this the world we want our kids to grow up in?

Party pooper?


Like I said in my really short post earlier, i was going to a party. And so I did.
I got dressed, put on my makeup and went to my friends, i had a great time. It was really nice to see all of my lovely friends again.
I drank a few glasses of wine, and danced a little. But all of a sudden I got a really bad stomach ache, it was so bad that I was debating on if i should call an ambulance or not.  I went to the bathroom, locked the door and sat down, while I called my best friend to ask her if she could pick me up and drive me home, she could. I walked out of the bathroom, trying to hide the excruciating pain , and told one of my friends that I really had to go home because i wasn’t feeling well. I felt really stupid, that I had to leave the party before 12!.
When i got outside, i sat down to wait for my friend ; and i started crying ( i usually never cry) , the pain was unbearable!
When she finally came to pick me up ( 5 minutes later, but it felt like an hour) she wanted to drive me to the emergency, but i just wanted to go home, so she drove me home.

The reason i get these stomach aches, is that i have something called esophageal inflammation and stomach ulcers , in short ; Acid reflux – and i KNOW i shouldn’t drink alcohol, but i didn’t think a few glasses would do any harm . I had a gastroscopy done a few months ago, and that’s when i found out. So i was on some kind of medicine a while, but when i was done taking them, everything came back. So it looks like i have to go to my doctor on Monday and get new ones, because this is torture!
I can’t eat what i want, i can’t take a beer if i feel like it  and stress makes it worse.

Dear stomach, stop torturing me!!

My morning face, after a night with a lot of pain!